Lexington Based IT Consulting Firm
Offering Web Design and Web Management

Staffords Technologies is an innovative IT and networks solutions company. The services offered range from basic server setup to complicated site design and development, tracked by a team of highly trained programmers and design artists. Services are well adjusted and use the newest and most stable technologies to offer wider support for both clients and businesses.

The company is based around people. Staffords Technologies attempts to work with clients and businesses to offer a stable, dependable solution. We do this by giving them full access and information from developers, including full hands-on access to solutions as they’re built.


Simple Web Hosting Powered by Nerds

BladeNode Server Hosting was started with a mission to provide premium Server Hosting at half the price without sacrificing features, reliability, and customer support. We wanted to create a server hosting company that was easy to use, reliable, and that everyone could afford, and backed up by great customer service that is available at 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


The freedom of Free Web Hosting

SixServe was Founded by GeekTech Management, LLC back in 2015, with free hosting for customers in mind, after a successful aspect of this company's venture in 2015 he moved to a new company and founded a Premium Web Hosting company called BladeNode...